Magspikes are meant to be given away to like minded people or just “Assaulted” on to deserving cars, refrigerators and any where else you deem mandatory! Yes they could be stolen, who gives a fuck! It costs a beer for a spike and if some one hardcore enough to steal your kick ass shiny stuff wants it.
you should be buying them a beer any way!
Low Key Anarchy and Assumed Vandalism coupled with Generosity is the entire point!
I have been obsessed with magnets always. In the early 80’s I found heavy metal and spiked belts and by the end of the 80’s I was a full punk rock Vandal. We were skaters and were always being arrested for vandalism “skating curbs”. Being Accused, a handful of us became real vandals and stole hood ornaments off of cars. We were shits! The 90’s rolled around and we didn’t do a damn thing however, in 2000 I started obsessing. I was crazy gluing magnets to spikes and putting them on my car, my lamps, my fridge and any where else I could find them to stick to. Then I stopped because I lost interest, I wanted to spike the world and my little tweaker project was messy and time consuming. I thought to myself surely in the “Future” some one will have invented the magnetic spike and I could buy like a hundred of them and really have some fun... fuck It, I’ll let some one else do all the heavy lifting, product development, marketing and such.
20 years passes and we have self driving cars, sex toys to rival humans abilities, basically a cure for AIDS and still no magnetic spikes WTF! Then Boom! The pandemic hits... I start fucking around in my tool shed like a mad scientist, glueing spikes to magnets again!!
I got in touch with my favorite living artist, Jeff Gaither, through a face book page of my favorite living band, The Accüsed AD. My obsession from the turn of the new millennium started to take shape into a real possibility not just a stoners fuck around. I googled spikes and got in touch will a manufacturer in Seattle and asked if they would please steal my intellectual property and mass produce this amazing idea! They said no, but they could make them for me for like a Gajllion dollars as far as my bank account cared. Hmmmm, sad face, but I did not give up yet. Slowly and drunkenly over the next two years I dipped my toe into the prototyping of these silly, shiny splendors. I finally came up with a working design, I had some sweet fucking art, and an itch that had to be scratched! I contacted a magnet supplier and got a quote that was doable... I had spent a fun amount of money on the art.. and I thought if I spent a splash more in the magnets I would feel foolishly obligated to pull the trigger on the spikes! So I did. 50 pounds of magnets arrived at my door and no spikes. Fortunately I am always hurting myself riding my one wheel and mountain bike and I finally got hurt bad enough that a chunk of cash became available to me for things like food and rent. I said fuck it and bought the spikes instead! And here we are 2022. I have 500 pounds of magspikes and no business as of yet. This is where you come in!
Share the Stoke & Give some Spikes!
It’s not just about you any more You selfish bastard!
Spike the world, Peace on earth!